A Fabulous Celebration

Libby Sommer reading from her book while Stephen Matthews listensNicholas Building, Melbourne

A big thank you to my publisher Stephen Matthews, Ginninderra Press for a wonderful afternoon of celebration last Saturday at Collected Works Bookshop in the historic Nicholas Building, Melbourne.

Ginninderra Press celebrated 21 years of independent publishing and Stephen Matthews launched my second book, ‘The Crystal Ballroom’. That’s him looking on as I read the first couple of pages of the story. The room was jam-packed full of people. Hopefully, the audience were enthralled and wanted to read the rest of my book.

Other Ginninderra Press writers from all over Australia attended the event and many read a poem or a story including my new friend, the award-winning Melissa Bruce.

We all enjoyed ourselves drinking wine and eating cheese and other tasty bits and telling each other about our work.

There was a long queue at the cash register at the end of the day 🙂



7 thoughts on “A Fabulous Celebration

  1. So happy for you Libby…. looking forward to hearing about your wonderful weekend and the launch of your new book… such a good read. Coffee and ABC July lunch?

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    1. yes, Marie. would love to catch up with you over a coffee in July. and i’m SO pleased you enjoyed the book. it’s always a bit of a worry – what will people think? 🙂


  2. thank you so much for your good wishes Annika. i’ve let go of the need to inquire about book sales. it has the potential for disappointment. i wait to receive my royalty cheque at the begiinning of each year 🙂 yes, the launch was a very happy occasion and held in a book store in that beautiful old building in Melbourne. hope all goes well with you on your writing journey.


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